Bear Tanking Rotations (Threat Edition!)

Yes! Bare is for Threat! something that the mighty Archdurid Alamo will say (maybe). in this post we will learn about how to maintain our threats while we do the heavy job and let them pewpews killing that ugly thing in front of our face.


So you want to be a BG Tank!? (Part 1 - The Intro)

Battleground Tanking,

I know, some of you gonna think and say out loud "what the fudge a tank doing in teh BG? we kill people not a Raidboss" but im so sorry to say that that's where you get it all wrong.



First impressions of Bear PvP

Warsong Gulch

Oh yes! finally the days of boredom has come. I got pretty tired from tanking those ignorant and arrogant bozoz in the Troll Heroics (more likely Heroics Wannabe).

did all the daily quests, including those new firelands business, now im finding myself just running around Olivia's Pond in Stormwind.

What to do.. what to do..