First impressions of Bear PvP

Warsong Gulch

Oh yes! finally the days of boredom has come. I got pretty tired from tanking those ignorant and arrogant bozoz in the Troll Heroics (more likely Heroics Wannabe).

did all the daily quests, including those new firelands business, now im finding myself just running around Olivia's Pond in Stormwind.

What to do.. what to do..
random keypress on my keyboard brings out the PvP tab, to be honest, its something i never touch before, but a that time i thought that it might be fun.  So, i click that red queue button and back to my business circling the pond.

2 minutes passed, 17 laps around the pond and i got this box saying..
"thou art ready for teh random BG"
here i am finding myself in the middle of a place called Warsong Gulch its where the Orcish driven wood processing plant got hit by them sentinels from Ashenvale, this place is a never-ending carnage they said, since under the leadership of Grom Hellscream until now, the fight for the rights of the land is still running fresh.

Not a surprising result when i enter the Battleground, Deaths by Hordes.. yes, 45 deaths in one friggin game. I was shocked when i saw my Druid get punted by all kind of classes there, from DK to Mage.. all taste the victory blows over this Bear.

I asked myself, WTF!? im a friggin Bear.. and i got PWND!? i tank those heavy Bosses at the new ZHeroics and Cata Raids, but here.. i squishy.

Well, theres nobody to blame except this stupid Bear, (i want to blame the healers though.. at that tim.. lol) but no, really.. this stupid Bear enters the BG with full PvE gears without knowing even the smallest knowledge and rule of thumbs in PvP, for example.. Resilience.

Thus the Epic journey of the PvE minded Bear continues just by a simple saying, No moar dead! this Bear fire up his browser and start learning about PvP, and gonna share about what he learn (or at least try) from time to time.

This Bear also want to thank you all the readers who patient enough to read this rambling and gibberish of a noob Bear.

Bear Hug

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