So you want to be a BG Tank!? (Part 1 - The Intro)

Battleground Tanking,

I know, some of you gonna think and say out loud "what the fudge a tank doing in teh BG? we kill people not a Raidboss" but im so sorry to say that that's where you get it all wrong.


Theres many aspect of tanking that can be proven useful in a Battleground, some of them are :

  • Flag Carrier : hold into that flagpole till the death of you and/or cap it! (if you live.. lol)
  • Flag/Base Defender : Swipe those pesky stealers from working their way to pick up flag
  • Riot Handler : Charge straight into the crowd of mobs and run around throwing your Swipes and Roars (and some Berserks when it procs)
  • And many more!

Those are just a small example about what a BG Tank can do to assure, well at least adding 1% more chance to the winning factor.. thats BIG! even bigger than this THING's drop rate.

So, you ready for your brand new epic story of shaking that fat ass in the BG!? dont forget to follow the next part of this! we gonna talk about some talents and glyphs to get you well prepped! (Coming Soon!)

Bear Hug!


  1. My husband had a bear tanking blog too. Its neoschallengingroar.blogspot.com

    You are not alone, he charges into the center of a pack in WSG all full frontal bear. It's awesome to watch.

  2. thank you so much, im not much of a writer myself but at the least i will try to keep up a journal based from experiences and things!

    big hi to Hubby.. glad to know that somebody still shaking their bear butt out there..